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"Leading in the Digital Age"
7th August , 2015
The Leela Ambience Gurgaon


Educational Leadership Conference - Delhi

Leaders need to be aware of the changing educational landscape, which includes societal shifts in technology use, advances in educational technology, and a new type of learner. Leaders today must establish a vision and implement a strategic process that creates a teaching and learning culture that provides students with essential skill sets - creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, technology proficiency, and global awareness - commonly referred to as 21st century skills. These skills and processes should be at the heart of every decision a leaders makes and are key to providing students with the tools to succeed in jobs that have not yet been created. Consistent innovation, effective integration of technology, meaningful professional development, connecting beyond the wall of a brick-and-mortar building, and an open mind are all mandatory duties of a leader in the digital age. "The driving question we should be asking today is 'how' we should use the technology that is available to us to improve what we do instead of 'why' we should use it to improve what we do."


Most of the school administrators don’t have connections with local administrators and don’t have a lot of opportunities to connect and collaborate with them. Educators and education leaders also experience feelings of isolation when they want new ideas, and want to know about the best practices in offices, classrooms, or at home. Through ELC, they would be able to:

  • Take advantage of a great resource to de-isolate themselves;
  • Identify obstacles to change and specific solutions to overcome them in order to transform schools in the digital age.
  • Connect with a vast network of educators and thought leaders;
  • Utilize practical strategies from practicing school leaders that will provide a context for digital leadership in action.


ELC will be a great time and place for you to meet dynamic educators and educational leaders in person to celebrate their achievements and learn their secrets.

  • India’s Leading Educators To Learn From

  • Meet the Practical Innovators Who Make Today’s Schools Run Better

  • Discover the Secrets to Putting Their Effective, Proven Ideas to Work in Your Schools

  • Meet more than 150 of our nation’s most influential education leaders.


The ELC will aim to connect the early adopters of technology and 21st century education initiatives to experienced leaders and practitioners. Principals and administrators will share, explore, and learn about the integration of technology in their institutions and its benefit.

Educational Leaders will :

  • Highlight the current challenges and issues related to K-12 education;
  • Discuss about the solutions to those issues, required changes in the 21st century;
  • Share strategies for purposeful and successful edtech integration in schools.

Tweet along with other conference attendees! Connect and interact with educators by following #ELC14 on Twitter to discuss your conference experience.

A Certificate of Attendance will be e-mailed to all conference participants about one week after the conference.



08:15 - 09:00 AM | Registration

09:00 - 09:15 AM | Welcome Note

09:15 – 09:45 AM | Keynote: Educational Leadership for the Digital Age - Vision for a 21st Century School

To be a leader in education right now requires the acquisition of deep understanding of a new day for learning and the ability to teach and inspire others toward that new paradigm. The challenges of embedding 21st century knowledge and skills are great but here's where technology plays a great role as an aid.
Future ready schools are those which are focused on learning in a digital age and preparing students for the world of today and of the future. The culture of these real-world ready schools is based on building a leadership team, establishing a coherent vision for change, developing a systematic action plan, modeling for leaders effective and efficient ways to leverage digital tools to increase effectiveness, and modeling for teachers how to harness tools to support students' learning.
Learn more about an Educational Leader’s role in this digital age.
Speaker: Ms. Punam Kashyap, Mr. Anuraag Saxena

09:45 – 10:25 AM | Panel Discussion: Improving School Communication and Collaboration Using Technologies

Communication in schools has changed in the past few years. Institutions are devoting increasing amounts of resources towards connecting with students. In this panel discussion, we will talk about how you can impact student success by improving communications on campus. You will learn about:
- the growing role of communications on student success
- the multiple hats student affairs professionals should wear
- the crucial role communication tools play with students

Speakers: Mr. Kanak Gupta, Ms. Madhumita Roy Chowdhury, Ms. Apekshita Varshney, Mr. Harish Iyer
Moderator: Mr. Utkarsh Lokesh

11:15 – 11:45 AM | Networking, Collaboration and Exploration Break

11:45 – 12:25 PM | Mobile Learning & BYOD: Implement Policies for an Innovative Learning Environment

Although, technology is not the single driver of education transformation, it is certainly a key influencing factor. Mobile technologies are great aid to formal and informal learning and thus holds enormous potential to help students in the 21st century and transform the delivery of education and training.
Learn how schools can take advantage of mobile technology to engage students.
Speakers: Mr. N Madhuri Parti, Ms. Vasudha Neel Mani, Mr. Vamshi Krishna
Moderator: Mr. Gary Coyle

12:25 – 12:40 PM | Partner Session 3 - Implementing Communication & Collaboration Technology Across Schools

Unified communication platforms can address the diverse communication and collaboration needs of educational institutions. Mobile technologies bring ease, convenience and cost effective solutions that break the old myths about technology implementation.

Speaker: Mr. Harish Iyer - Flinnt

12:40 – 12:55 PM | Partner Session 4

Speaker: Mr. Viraj Jit Singh - KidZania

12:55 - 01:35 PM | Digital Citizenship: Set and Meet Goals for Responsible Use of Technology

Digital Citizenship is one the most important skill to be possessed by students, it is absolutely essential for staying safe online, improving quality of education, increasing career opportunities and opening doors for career growth of students in the 21st century.
The panel will discuss how schools need to bring Digital Citizenship & Internet Maturity to schools in a comprehensive manner and make it a part of everything they do with technology in schools.
Speakers: Mr. Raghu Pandey, Dr. Amlan Saha, Mr. P S Kalra
Moderator: Mr. Utkarsh Lokesh

01:35 - 02:05 PM | Networking and Lunch Break

02:35 - 03:15 PM | Why Learning Spaces and Classroom Design Need a Makeover to Meet 21st Century Needs

Leaders must begin to establish a vision and strategic plan to create an entire school building dedicated to learning in an ever so more digital world. In order to do so, leaders must be knowledgeable of the characteristics and dynamics that embody innovative learning spaces and environments.
This session will focus on such characteristics.
Speakers: Dr. Farooq Wasil, Mr. Sandy Hooda, Mr. Gary Coyle
Moderator: Mr. Utkarsh Lokesh

03:15 - 03:35 PM | Digital Leadership Practices - Case Studies for Inspiration - Case Study 1

The use of technology in schools for enhancing the teaching learning process is dependent on
a. The availability of the right hardware/software
b. Attitude of teachers
c. Training and development
d. The leadership commitment
Speaker: Lt. Col. A Sekhar

03:55 – 04:35 PM | Partner Session 5 - Preparing Teachers for Digital Natives: Professional Development for Technology Integration in Schools

Implementing a successful Professional Development for Technology Integration in Schools takes strong, consistent leadership to bring together key stakeholders and to keep them focused throughout the process.
In this session, we will learn in depth about how professional development among educators is changing because of technologies, what are the prominent reasons to integrate technology into the classroom around which we must have a PD Model in Place. Speakers: Ms. Kirti Tripathi, Ms. Sunanda Sandhir, Ms. Sangeeta Gulati
Moderator: Ms. Meenakshi Uberoi

04:35 - 05:30 PM | Networking, Collaboration and Exploration Break




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ELC is a Free Event but ONLY FOR K12 Education Leaders (Owners, Directors, Principals, Vice Principals, Heads of Departments and other Decision Makers).

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"It was a pleasure to be a part of a thought provoking conference.It was a pleasure to be with the think tank of the country."

N.Madhuri Parti,Futuristic Educationist

"After a long time a conference that provided value. Strong presence of the right audience, expert speakers and a well designed agenda made it a meaningful experience for the speakers and the audience. EdTech Review's clarity of thought, depth of research and passion for education was clearly visible. Kudos on creating a milestone in education conferences".

Ashish Garg, Education Futurist

"Congrats and best wishes- I think this is a great initiative you have started in the field of education!"

Sridhar Rajagopalan, MD, Educational Initiatives

"Congratulations to you and your team for this wonderful educational initiative. Great Job!".

Dr.Kumuda Gururao, Consultant for Hr.Education & Corporate Sectors

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