Higher Education Technology Conference (HETC) 2015

Leading in the Digital Age | Feb 28, 2015
Hotel "The Leela Ambience Gurgaon"

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Higher Education Technology Conference - 2015

Higher Education Leaders need to be aware of the changing educational landscape, which includes societal shifts in technology use, advances in educational technology, and a new type of learner. Leaders today must establish a vision and implement a strategic process that creates a teaching and learning culture that provides students with essential employability skills, and other skill sets - creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, technology proficiency, and global awareness - commonly referred to as 21st century skills. These skills and processes should be at the heart of every decision a leaders makes and are key to providing students with the tools to succeed in jobs that have not yet been created. Consistent innovation, effective integration of technology, meaningful professional development, connecting beyond the wall of a brick-and-mortar building, and an open mind are all mandatory duties of a leader in the digital age. “The driving question we should be asking today is 'how' we should use the technology that is available to us to improve what we do instead of 'why' we should use it to improve what we do."


Most of the college and university leaders and administrators don’t have connections with local leaders and don’t have a lot of opportunities to connect and collaborate with them. Higher education leaders also experience feelings of isolation when they want new ideas, and want to know about the best practices in offices, college classrooms, or at home. Through HETC, they would be able to:

  • Take advantage of a great resource to de-isolate themselves;
  • Identify obstacles to change and specific solutions to overcome them in order to transform colleges and universities in the digital age.
  • Connect with a vast network of educators and thought leaders;
  • Utilize practical strategies from practicing college and university leaders that will provide a context for digital leadership in action.


HETC will be a great time and place for you to meet dynamic higher education leaders in person to celebrate their achievements and learn their secrets.

  • India’s Leading Higher Education Professionals To Learn From

  • Meet the Practical Innovators Who Make Today’s colleges and universities Run Better

  • Discover the Secrets to Putting Their Effective, Proven Ideas to Work in Your colleges and universities

  • Meet more than 150 of our nation’s most influential higher education leaders.


The HETC will aim to connect the early adopters of technology and 21st century education initiatives to experienced leaders and practitioners. Professors, Heads of Departments, Directors and Chancellors will share, explore, and learn about the integration of technology in their institutions and its benefit.

Educational Leaders will :

  • Highlight the current challenges and issues related to Higher education;
  • Discuss about the solutions to those issues, required changes in the 21st century;
  • Share strategies for purposeful and successful edtech integration in colleges and universities.

Tweet along with other conference attendees! Connect and interact with educators by following #HETC15 on Twitter to discuss your conference experience.

A Certificate of Attendance will be e-mailed to all conference participants about one week after the conference.

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09:40 – 10:15 am | Keynote: Higher Education Leadership for the 21st Century

Leaders need to be aware of the changing educational landscape, which includes societal shifts in technology use, advances in educational technology, and a new type of learner. Acknowledging and beginning to understand these changes are the first steps to developing a vision and strategic plan for creating a learning culture that provides access to tools to foster essential skill sets, celebrates success, supports innovation, and inspires students to learn and ultimately achieve. Learn what it takes being a leader to prepare students for success in the 21st Century Knowledge Economy.

Speaker: MM Pant

10:15 – 10:35 am |Promoting Anytime, Anywhere, Access: Embracing Mobile Learning, BYOD, 1:1

if we are educating the youth to live and thrive in their world, we cannot limit them to what we were limited to in our world. Educators need to employ the very skills they are passing along to their students. They need to: curate, collaborate, communicate, critically think, and create. All of this is best accomplished through the use of tools of technology. An education without technology does not prepare our students with the skills that their world will require. Technology should be ubiquitous in education.
Learn how mobile technologies, strategies and policies like BYOD and 1:1 provide an opportunity to revolutionize learning.

Speaker: Dr. Jawahar Surisetti

11:35 – 12:25 pm | Panel Discussion: Training & Professional Development - The Key to 21st Century Success

Teacher training is crucial especially for successful tech integration in the institution to meet the needs of the digital natives. And “Continuity” and “Sustainability” are key to meaningful training and professional development. Establishing and maintaining a culture of ongoing learning is the core principle underlying sustainability. But keeping a sustainable PD program is also about preparing the administrator. Ensuring that administrators are deeply immersed in and dedicated to the institution's professional development program is key to its effectiveness and sustainability.
Learn from the real practitioners why efforts in training and professional development of leaders, teachers and staff are a great investment and key to 21st century success.

Panel Speaker: Dr. Kamal Kishore Sharma, Shekhar Sanyal, Dr. B V Babu

12:45 - 01:05 pm | Case Study Presentation: Quality, Performance and Benchmarking in Higher Education

The Indian Higher Education system is faced with issues of quality and effectiveness. What is needed is a standardized framework for measuring quality based on well-defined parameters. Performance Insight 360 is a patent-pending cloud-based analytics framework which collates data from individual stakeholders to derive meaningful insights into individual and group performance. Performance indices are computed for internal as well as external benchmarking. Strategic interventions can then be designed to effectively address the areas of concern. PI 360 is a next-generation framework for managing quality, performance and achievement.

Speaker: Dr. Ankur Gupta

02:05 - 02:45 pm | Panel Discussion: Incorporating Technology-Enhanced Pedagogies

The rapid growth of technology has opened the gates for teachers and professors to incorporate innovative technology-enhanced pedagogies. Models such as MOOC for online learning and practices such as Flipped Classroom and integration of Open Educational Resources (OER) have picked up pace for delivery of customized content to students in a faster and cost effective way than what the current system allows.Learn how faculties and professors can supplement their lectures and teaching materials with the online content that is already available to bring positive changes in the higher ed classroom.

Panel Speaker: Dr. Ramesh Sharma, Navin Pathak & Viplav Baxi

02:45 - 03:25 pm | Panel Discussion: Reenvisioning Infrastructure, Learning Spaces and Environments in Colleges.

Digital infrastructure provides immense opportunities to broaden the knowledge horizon.
Leaders must begin to establish a vision and strategic plan to create an entire institution building dedicated to learning in an ever so more digital world. In order to do so, leaders must be able to understand the need of technology, and be knowledgeable of the characteristics and dynamics that embody innovative learning spaces and environments.

Panel Speaker: Rajesh Panda, Rajesh Puri

03:50 - 04:30 PM | Panel Discussion: Leveraging Social Media in Education

Social media has already become a part of the higher education, where one can find, different groups, communities, pages, etc. used for the purpose of spreading knowledge and awareness. But the role of Social Media in education is much diversified.Learn how to utilize Social Media Tools to improve Public Relations and Transform the Learning Experience in your institution.

Panel Speaker: Parveen Sharma, Shradha Kanwar, H P Mathur



    Prof. M.M. Pant

    Founder, LMP Education Trust


    Prof. Dr. Kamal Kant Dwivedi

    President,Global Academy of Doctorates and former Vice Chancellor, Apeejay Stya University


    Ramesh Sharma

    Director of the Commonwealth Educational Media Center for Asia (CEMCA), New Delhi


    Viplav Baxi

    Education Consultant, Researcher and Founder of Learn OS


    Dr B V Babu

    Vice Chancellor, Galgotias University, Greater Noida


    Dr. Kamal Kishore Sharma

    Former Vice Chancellor (Acting), Dean & Professor at Ansal University, Gurgaon


    Shekhar Sanyal

    Director and Country Head, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET)


    Parveen Kumar Sharma

    Assistant Professor-Innovative Educator, Amity University Noida


    Ankur Gupta

    Joint Director at the Model Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jammu, India.


    Navin Pathak

    VP Business Development with Progia LLC


    Dr. Nidhi Kesari

    Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, University of Delhi


    Dr Jawahar Surisetti

    Education Advisor to 3 state governments and Central Government


    Dr. Rajesh Panda

    Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru.


    Shradha Kanwar

    Area Director, Educational Technology, at NIIT University.


    Rajesh Puri

    CEO-India Education Services Private Limited, Bridge School of Management.


    HP Mathur

    Professor of Management at FMS-Banaras Hindu University.




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Registration Closed


Registrations are now closed. HETC is a Free Event but only for Higher Education Leaders (Owners, Directors, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Deans, Heads of Departments and other Decision Makers). If you are one of these Contact us

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