Melanie Kells

Dean of Studies, Canadian International School

“Learn to do by doing” is the motto of 4-H, a youth organisation that Melanie was actively involved in from age nine to twenty-one. It is her philosophy of teaching, too. She believes that modelling what you would like others to do is the best way to achieve results, whether with students or colleagues. She make mistakes, she admits them, and she hopes that her students would do the same.

Teaching, living, and experiencing the cultures of the Canada, United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, and India since 1997 has helped Melanie teach and learn with 1:1 ThinkPads, then 1:1 Macbooks, and then 1:1 iPad. For the past 4 years, she has been helping students and teachers at Canadian International School Bangalore begin and then to continue to innovate with iPads.. Melanie is an Apple Distinguished Educator (2011 and 2013 in two different regions). She is also an APD working to bring learning with iPads to many schools in India. Follow her @mkells or email her at [email protected]