Suminer Kaur

Suminder Kaur

Middle and High School Computer Science Teacher at Gopalan International School

Suminder Kaur is a Google Certified Teacher and one of the Google Educators Group Lead from Bangalore. She has completed her Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers with distinctions in two modules. She was one of the three teachers chosen from 50 participants to present their ‘Inspiring Idea’ at Google Teacher Academy Gurgaon, in Dec 2014.

She works as a High School Computer Teacher / Tech Integrator at Gopalan International School, Bangalore. Her real passion lies in enabling students to apply their skills in real life and encouraging co-teachers towards using technology in education. She has been teaching programming to kids (Scratch Programming , BASIC, Java, HTML, App building) to students of grade 6 to 10. She is liked by her students for the variety of teaching techniques and interactive online assessments that she uses. She has conducted workshops on Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship with students and parents. She has been mentoring and working with teachers in her school to adopt technology in their lessons for better engagement of students. Suminder also conducted workshops on Flipped Classrooms and has been instrumental in implementation of this technique in her school.

She has developed an effective, collaborative communication and record keeping system within the school and aims to take it further towards the administrative department.